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Nick Cave is not a bad seed. HEARD//NY

25 Mar

The artist, not the musician, Nick Cave has created 30 colorful horses that will move (via dancers) about Grand Central Terminal until March 31st thanks to MTA Arts for Transit and Creative Time.  The sculptures are beautiful and move gracefully through the terminal everyday at 11:00 and 2:00.

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1819 Copper Flask by Jacob Bromwell, Made in USA

21 Mar

The Jacob Bromwell company started in 1819 in Cincinnati, Ohio and made tin cups, popcorn poppers and frying pans for all of those traveling west.  They later manufactured wire brushes and products for horses.  The company has remained in existence for almost 200 years.  While our country has undergone so many changes since then, they are still pounding out metal just as they were back in 1819.  This copper flask ($150), complete with White Birch stopper is the original design the company created all those years ago.  Each flask is handmade using 100% copper and hot-tinned on the inside using historically-correct techniques for corrosion resistance and FDA approval.   The company has moved to Chattanooga  Tennessee and will customize your flask with an engraving if you like.  You should also get the little funnel they make for an extra $75.Copper Flask

Jacob Bromwell Factory

The Jacob Bromwell Factory in Chattanooga, TN.

Copper Funnel

Making it Right: Brad Pitt

19 Mar

In 2007, Brad Pitt started the organization Make it Right.  Two years after hurricane Katrina, there were still many people who were displaced, and living in FEMA trailers. Make it Right is dedicated to building comfortable, sustainable homes for people in need.  Mr. Pitt rallied together some of the world’s best architects to come up with designs that could be easily replicated in New Orleans, and around the world.where-we-workIn 2005, Make it Right started with the “Pink Project,” where pink structures were set up in an area in the Lower 9th ward where all the houses and the entire community was devastated.  The structures will be removed as real buildings are put up in their place.F Brad Pitt pink2203REX_800x530 pink-darden-700x240 Now, the first ever home built by Frank Gehry in Louisiana has been finished.  The home actually looks similar to Mr. Gehry’s own home in California.  Luckily, the residents of this home will not have to live in something as ugly as Gehry’s own home.  The design of this house features two dwellings, a 3-bedroom in the front, and a single bedroom in the back.  The platinum LEED certified home is powered by solar panels on the top floor which also serves as shade from the hot New Orleans summers.Frank Gehry Home New OrleansFrank Gehry House New Orleans

Toothpicks With Conciseness: Daneson

17 Mar

I recently came across a new company that makes wonderfully flavored toothpicks. Daneson is a new toothpick company out of the Georgian Bay in Canada. They also care about the forests and pledge to plant a tree for every one cut down. Check out their website, and  keep your teeth clean! This is a great gift to bring to a dinner party!  They come in a variety of flavors including “single malt,” “cinnamint” and “salted birch.”Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 2.52.03 PM No_7-w.-banner_1024x1024 4_No_7_1024x1024

Deconstructed Furniture, Flat: Michael Zelehoski

11 Mar

I was walking through this years Volta art fair, and I was impressed by many artists, but one who really caught my eye was Michael Zelehoski.  He found his groove in 2006 when he took apart an old blue chair that had been lying around.  All of his current pieces deconstruct three dimensional objects and turn them flat.  The perspective is amazing, and the play of color and shading is true skill that results in these beautifully reclaimed works of art.Blue Chair ZelehoskiZelehoskiZelehoski

Design Inspiration: Dieter Rams

8 Mar

Dieter Rams may very well be the true godfather of modern design.  His designs have been copied over and over.  His inspiring motto, “Less is More” is one that all designers and artists should take into account.  Dieter Rams was the lead designer for Braun from 1955 until 1997. Dieter Rams also created the Vitsoe “606 Universal Shelving System,” and continues to be involved with Vitsoe today.dieter-rams-camera BRAUN-RT20 tumblr_kv5znj4Mnx1qzbqc0o1_500 Rams_BW_portrait-Abisag-Tullmann braun__dieter_rams_12

VOLTA NY: Imi Hwangbo

8 Mar

I attended a preview of the Volta art fair yesterday and came across these really beautiful, incredibly time consuming pieces made of hand cut mylar.  The artist Imi Hwangbo creates these layered patterns, which contain over 30 layers of cut mylar.  Some of the work is hand cut while some pieces are laser cut.  She is inspired by the Korean folk art Pojagi, and has created these works using patterns, imagery and color widely used in the art form.CLOISTD2 CLOISTD1 new2 frontpage

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