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Fritz Haeg Edible Estates: Walker Art Center

5 Aug

Fritz Haeg Edible EstatesFritz Haeg is a trained architect, artist, and organic activist whose work spans a range of disciplines and media including gardens, dance, performance, design, installation, ecology and architecture.  He is currently the Walker Art Center’s Artist in Residence.  Edible Estates was a book published in 2005, when Haeg started the project.  He is now on his 15th Edible Estate in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Victory Garden

A Londoner and his wife have sown life-giving vegetables in a London Bomb crater.

Haeg’s idea of the Edible Estate dates back to the Victory Gardens of WWI and WWII.  The idea is to produce your own food, and to collaborate with your neighbors to work sub-urban landscapes into less isolated communities.

Edible Estates Schoenherr Family

Now Fritz Haeg is working with the Schoenherr family of Woodbury Minnesota to transform their blank suburban yard into an Edible Estate.  Mr Haeg, along with several volunteers has been working hard to transform their yard into a food producing installation.

Tearing up the front lawn, a near-sacred symbol of American success and leisure, in favor of tomatoes and beans is still controversial and even illegal in many places. In fact, “The Battlefront in the Front Yard,” a New York Times story published last December, documented a nationwide string of disputes between front-yard gardeners and disapproving neighbors and city officials; some were charged with violating city codes and ordinances.- Walker Art Center





The yard has been transformed from grass to a place for the entire community to come together.  There is a round area for the community to sit and talk, as well as a giant pizza oven and a little library.Plan EE15-IMG_2526Fritz Haeg has also developed an installation in the Walker’s sculpture garden called, Foraging Circle.  Here, you’ll find perennial plants as well as medicinal plantings.  Visit the Foraging Circle today at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.Foraging Circle



Artbook: Collective Design Fair

8 May

Artbook Logo Collective Design FairI had the pleasure of finding the best books about design to include in the first ever Collective Design Fair taking place right now through May 11th.Artbook Collective Design Fair  Artbook asked me to transform a former parking garage and municipal storage facility at pier 57 in Manhattan, into a pop-up shop selling the best design books you can buy.  On Friday at 2:00, we will be having a book event with the author Jeffrey Head about the artist/designer Paul Evans.  Get a copy for yourself at the fair or online using my special Popular Offerings reader discount code ARTBOOK25.Paul Evans Book

Horace Gifford: Fire Island Architect, New Book

16 Apr

There is a new book, “Fire Island Modernist” that will be released in June about the architect Horace Gifford and his contribution to the homes of Fire Island.

 “Gifford’s serene 1960s pavilions provided refuge from a hostile world, while his exuberant post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS masterpieces orchestrated bacchanals of liberation. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift once spurned Hollywood limos for the rustic charm of Fire Island’s boardwalks. Truman Capote wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s here. Diane von Furstenburg showed off her latest wrap dresses to an audience that included Halston, Giorgio Sant’ Angelo, Calvin Klein and Geoffrey Beene.”

With a foreward by Alistair Gordon and text by Christopher Rawlins, you simply must put this in your must have list, and don’t forget to get yourself a copy.  Horace Gifford is an overlooked major contributor to the modernist movement.  With 70 homes in Fire Island, his contribution cannot go overlooked any more.


Kauth_Fairharbor_001_MichaelWeberKauth_Fairharbor_005_MichaelWeberBurge_122a_Ocean_Exterior_HoraceGifford Wittstein1_Ext2_EdwinWittstein Pilson_Exterior3_HoraceGifford

Is it ironic to blog about print media? Modern Matter Magazine

9 Apr

Chloetumblr_mk89v62uXM1s5qgvfo1_1280“As cultural commentary suggests that the magazine industry is being usurped by the new age of the digital, Modern Matter magazine seeks to explore the advances of modern technology into the world of the artist, via an analogue medium – namely, that of the printed page.  Modern Matter’s interest lies not just in the newest product or the fastest download, but rather, in the impact which technology has had on the culture of the creative.” -Modern Matter

Issue 4 of Modern Matters magazine is now available for those of you who continue to support printed matter.  The idea behind this magazine, exploring the impact of technology on culture, makes you really want to buy and subscribe to the printed paper.  As everything becomes more and more digital, we will continue to have tactile needs.  Books are better, magazines should be read with your fingers, and we should forget the anxieties of constant updates (@AModernMatter). Modern Matters is the magazine for the person that just wants to sit down and read about something they never knew.  Issue 4, Made in USA, featuring Chloe Sevigny, Maurizio Cattelan, Max Snow, Hedi Slimane and more is now available.

St. Paul Minnesota: Alec Soth Makes Art Books.

18 Feb

Alec Soth, artist and photographer born and based in Minnesota, owns a publishing company called Little Brown Mushroom.  Yesterday, I was at Askov Finlayson waiting for a table at The Bachelor Farmer (a really good new restaurant in Minneapolis) and I came across several books created by Alec Soth and Brad Zellar.  I was intrigued by House of Coates, a book printed on a Postalco notebook.  Brad pieces together a story from the legendary recluse Lester B. Morrison. Working from a handful of encounters and contradictory conversations, a sketchy paper trail and often confounding interviews with individuals who may or may not have been “associates” of Morrison (including Morrison’s former collaborator Alec Soth), Zellar attempts to reconstruct one episode from Morrison’s decidedly episodic life.  The book, along with the upcoming “Three Valleys” (they are currently on a trip in the Valleys of Silicon, San Joaquin, and Death for the fourth edition of The LBM Dispatch) are available at Little Brown Mushroom.

Alec Soth, Brad Zeller, House of CoatesAlec Soth, Brad Zeller, House of Coates 051_hoc_book 025b_hoc_book1 050_hoc_book


New Art: Gogy Esparza at Soto Store // Berlin opens February 16th

13 Feb
Blue Lazer

Blue Lazer, Gogy Esparza

Gate Woman, Gogy Esparza

Gate Woman, Gogy Esparza

My friend and barber Gogy is an up and coming New York City artist.  He has produced two books thus far of his witty intelligent view of New York through his lens.  Check out his Tumblr page here, and if you are in Berlin this weekend, go to the opening and “Vanilla” book release at Soto.  Gogy will also be djing the afterparty.

Design Inspiration: Wendell Castle

13 Feb

The first exhibit of Wendell Castle’s work in over 20 years is now on view at R20th Century Gallery in Tribeca until February 24th.  On the occasion of Wendell’s 80th birthday, R20th has also released a book of his work.  The beautifully formed wooden sculptures are trippy, colorful, and deceptively simple.

Light Sculptures, Wendell Castle

Light Sculptures, Fiberglass -Wendell Castle

Wood Sculpture, Wendell Castle

Wood Sculpture, Wendell Castle

Table, Wendell Castle

Wooden Table, Wendell Castle

Wendell Caste Book Available at $60.00
Wendell Caste Book Available at $60.00

30 Bucks a Week

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