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Fritz Haeg Edible Estates: Walker Art Center

5 Aug

Fritz Haeg Edible EstatesFritz Haeg is a trained architect, artist, and organic activist whose work spans a range of disciplines and media including gardens, dance, performance, design, installation, ecology and architecture.  He is currently the Walker Art Center’s Artist in Residence.  Edible Estates was a book published in 2005, when Haeg started the project.  He is now on his 15th Edible Estate in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Victory Garden

A Londoner and his wife have sown life-giving vegetables in a London Bomb crater.

Haeg’s idea of the Edible Estate dates back to the Victory Gardens of WWI and WWII.  The idea is to produce your own food, and to collaborate with your neighbors to work sub-urban landscapes into less isolated communities.

Edible Estates Schoenherr Family

Now Fritz Haeg is working with the Schoenherr family of Woodbury Minnesota to transform their blank suburban yard into an Edible Estate.  Mr Haeg, along with several volunteers has been working hard to transform their yard into a food producing installation.

Tearing up the front lawn, a near-sacred symbol of American success and leisure, in favor of tomatoes and beans is still controversial and even illegal in many places. In fact, “The Battlefront in the Front Yard,” a New York Times story published last December, documented a nationwide string of disputes between front-yard gardeners and disapproving neighbors and city officials; some were charged with violating city codes and ordinances.- Walker Art Center





The yard has been transformed from grass to a place for the entire community to come together.  There is a round area for the community to sit and talk, as well as a giant pizza oven and a little library.Plan EE15-IMG_2526Fritz Haeg has also developed an installation in the Walker’s sculpture garden called, Foraging Circle.  Here, you’ll find perennial plants as well as medicinal plantings.  Visit the Foraging Circle today at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.Foraging Circle



Noho Design “Marbelles” by Guillaume Sasseville

19 May Marble Dumbbell

This week is NYC Design WeekICFF, Wanted Design and Noho Design all run fairs in tandem.  I had the opportunity to visit 2 Bond Street, a temporary store and space that is showing new design objects in the Noho Design District.  One of the objects I found most interesting are these “Marbelles.” They are solid marble dumbbell weights created by Guillaume Sasseville, a French-Canadian designer based in Montreal. Marble Dumbbell The weights each are around 5lbs, and will be inscribed with 2kg etchings on the end.  Sasseville collaborated with Josee Lepage of BondToo after she saw a table he made of marble which is on view at the Wanted Design Fair this week.  She thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if this were even smaller, like a dumbbell?”  They haven’t quite determined a price yet, but the dumbbells will run you around $2,000.sssvll---2bond-may17to21-dumbbells-b_v4

Jason Rens: West of Memphis

23 Apr
Party Seat

Designed by Jason Rens

Jason Rens joins a new movement of designers who aim to improve, or explore the opportunities of Memphis, the design movement created by Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Nathalie du Pasquier and many others. Sottsass which I have written about before, was the forefather of the Memphis Group the colorful geometric design style of the 80s which died in 1988 when trends changed, and designers began to experiment with other forms.  However, Jason Rens (Portland) along with people like ROLU (Minneapolis), Alma Allen (Joshua Tree) are using some of the shapes and colors of the Memphis Group, but are experimenting with new materials.  Much of the new look is very west coast, with earthy colors and southwestern native prints and raw materials.

Shiva Vase by Ettore Sottsass

Shiva Vase by Ettore Sottsass

Vase Collection by Jason Rens

Knew Vase Collection by Jason Rens

Bookends Jason Rens
Bookends by Jason Rens

Karl Lagerfeld designed plastic shoes for Melissa//Brazil

9 Apr

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.49.48 PMI am mainly posting this for my mother, because she has more shoes in her closet room than most people do.  Karl Lagerfeld has designed some plastic heels for Melissa of Brazil.  These designer collaborations are nothing new for Melissa with past designers including, Jason Wu, Vivienne Westwood, and The Campana Brothers.  Remember jellies? (click here if you want to refer to what they looked like, I wouldn’t dare put them on Popular Offerings).  Karl wouldn’t let you wear jellies.  They come in a variety of flavors and are available at Colette.Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.48.30 PM

Design Inspiration: Dieter Rams

8 Mar

Dieter Rams may very well be the true godfather of modern design.  His designs have been copied over and over.  His inspiring motto, “Less is More” is one that all designers and artists should take into account.  Dieter Rams was the lead designer for Braun from 1955 until 1997. Dieter Rams also created the Vitsoe “606 Universal Shelving System,” and continues to be involved with Vitsoe today.dieter-rams-camera BRAUN-RT20 tumblr_kv5znj4Mnx1qzbqc0o1_500 Rams_BW_portrait-Abisag-Tullmann braun__dieter_rams_12

Retail Design: Studio MatterMade

27 Feb

Matter is a design shop in Manhattan (formerly in Brooklyn) that features beautiful furniture and objects that MatterMade has created and selected. This time around, they have designed some unique pop-up retail structures for Capsule the Men’s trade show.  The simple machined benches are designed by Jonah Takagi.MatterMade MatterMade MatterMade

Recession Art: Rooms To Let, Columbus Ohio

26 Feb

Rooms to Let is an organizer of temporary exhibitions in abandoned buildings in Columbus, Ohio.  They take proposals from artists and find empty homes to set up the exhibitions.  I absolutely love this concept, and spent many hours thinking and writing about it in Graduate School at Pratt.  My thesis was called “Temporary Museum,” with the concept of using abandoned spaces, or vacant retail to mount exhibitions proposed by artists.  This concept has never been more important as museums and art institutions continue to lose money and spread their budgets thin.  The other great thing about this concept is that it brings art to areas that may not have galleries or museums.  Check out the upcoming exhibitions they have planned, and if you’re an artist, propose something.Rooms-to-let-art-gallery-abandoned-house-exterior-art Rooms-to-let-art-gallery-abandoned-house 1400x720-LvUx38ALeh4xsr8W  My good friend and artist Mirelle Zacharias (see article) had artists take over her house in Minneapolis before the bank foreclosed the property and knocked it down. “I would like people to come in and be immersed in sort of an experience within a home, and it is a foreclosed home, and find different ideas happening,” -Mirelle Zacharias.Mirelle Zacharias House 44929_440365189406_4644583_n

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