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Solar Charge: Green Barrel Energy

18 Apr

Green Barrel EnergyIt’s Earth Day on Monday and I recently heard about this start up that is working to create charging stations in public parks in New York.  It’s called Green Barrel Energy, and they’ve developed this handy portable solar-powered charging station for your phone.  This came in very handy during Hurricane Sandy, where they set up a charging station where there was no power on 23rd street.  After power was restored in Manhattan, they sent the stations down to Red Hook, where power was out for quite a bit longer. Green Charge Now, Green Barrel energy has developed a second model which will be launched sometime soon in Bryant Park.


Fresh Weather:

7 Apr

The forecast says it is going to be in the 70s this week.  I was tipped off to a new forecast website that just launched.  I always hate the poor design of every other weather site.  It’s always so blue and green, and they’re constantly offering way too much information.  Check out, the simple and elegant new way to see if you need boots or heels, a rain coat or a bikini. Forecast is an open source site that aggregates all types of data to create the most accurate weather forecasting available.  The “Climicons” are designed by Adam Whitcroft, and are lightly animated for your pleasure.  You can also check what the weather was like on your birthday using the time machine function.  If you check it on your phone, add it to your home screen for an instant app.Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 1.12.53 PM map time_machine

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