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Top 5 Beach Essentials for Summer

5 Jun

Whatever you are up to this summer, take some time to relax and enjoy our beautiful world.  Go to the beach, and bring some of this stuff with you.  First, I suggest- if you’re like me, and don’t like to be in direct sunlight you buy a tent for the beach.

Beach TentThis tent is designed by Ginger and Gilligan and is available in a variety of colors for $350.  It takes one person less than two minutes to set up, and features a pop up design.  You’ll have the chic-est hut on the beach.  Also available is the Sombrilla which costs only $180 and also comes in a variety of colors.Sombrilla Beach Tent Moroccan2_large

You will also need a towel or a blanket.  You could be like my friend Alex who will undoubtably have a Hole inspired towel or tank top this summer.Hole Tank  Or, you could be classy and get a Carry All Beach Towel from my friends at Arte Mare.

Arte Mare Carry All TowelYou might also want a bag that unfolds as a carry all tote which is also available on their website.  You’ll also find a fun set of beach paddles!img_2202_1024x1024 img_2209_1024x1024Works on Whatever is a project by the Art Production Fund.  They make these great beach towels– which are huge, and will give you enough room for two.  And it’s a non-profit organization dedicated to creating projects that will reach new audiences and promote art.  This towel is designed by Rirkrit Tiravanija.  There are towels available by Barbara Kruger, Yoko Ono, John Baldessari, and Cecily Brown.  There are also water bottles!

I Am Busy Beach Towel  You’ll definitely need some swim shorts.  Warriors of Radness and Franks’ are both good options, and are available at Opening Ceremony. Franks are on sale! Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.52.44 PMOne thing you really will need is sunblock.  I understand you want to tan your skin, but the sun is just too harsh these days people, it’s not the 90s’ anymore.  Get some Supergoop sunblock, and this natural Aromatic Bug Repellent by Intelligent Nutrients, a new company from the founder of Aveda.  It smells amazing and contains no deet or anything bad for you.  Available at Intelligent Nutrients at ABC Carpet and Home.Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.39.14 PM certified_organic_perfume_spray_1Lastly, bring a real book.  I prefer to bring picturebooks to the beach.  I’ll be bringing along my copy of Tom Bianchi’s Fire Island, which features Polaroids from his visits to Fire Island back in ’75-’89.  The forward is by Edmund White, and the book includes a personal account of what it was like for Tom to arrive in Fire Island.

“I came to see Fire Island as more than a place. In the Pines I found a force that gave birth to and nurtured my gay soul.” Tom BianchiTom Bianchi Fire Island Pines


Hot tub time machine: Weltevree

4 Apr

When searching for vacation homes, I always look for a hot tub.  I don’t know what I expect– I guess i’m looking for a transcendent experience every time I step into a tub.  I came across Weltevree, a Dutch company which makes these beautiful hot tubs that aren’t your usual square plastic multi-jet hot tubs.  The tubs are light enough to lift with two people, and require zero power.  The tubs are heated by wood, and the water circulates around the coils and back into the tub.  For all of my non-US residents, this one may be easier to get outside of the states, but it is possible!weltevree095_copy2s dutchtub-kinderen-spatten-ws-LRG weltevree1-640

Victoria & Albert Presents: “David Bowie is”

26 Feb

A new exhibition of David Bowie ephemera and personal items will open at the Victoria & Albert museum, in London on March 23rd.  The exhibit will run through August 11th. “David Bowie is” will explore the creative processes of Bowie as a musical innovator and cultural icon, tracing his shifting style and sustained reinvention across five decades. The V&A’s Theatre and Performance curators, Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh have selected more than 300 objects that will be brought together for the very first time. They include handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs, Bowie’s own instruments and album artwork.bowie_stripped_bodysuit bowie_burroughs bowie_photo_collage bowie_earthling_album.480 bowie_self_portrait bowie_aladin_sane_1000px

Berkshire Mountains: Rustic Modern

23 Feb

I have always loved the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. The area is so vivd with color, and the landscape is rolling.  When I am there, I feel like a fairy and I never want to leave. Berkshire Mountains CP--Berkshires_Mountain-and-Valley-566x369 berkshire-mountains

I came across images of a house designed by Ritch Holben of RhDesign in Southfield, MA.   I love the use of the old beams, and all of the modern touches. berkshires-Framing-rich-holben-globe berkshire-lr-rich-holben berkshires-rich-holben-stairs-dog berkshires-dr-stairs-rich-holben ritch-holben-Kitchen-stylecarrot-globe

New VIP Hotel Web Service: Want Me Get Me

20 Feb

For all of you luxury travelers out there, check out a new website dedicated to finding you the most glamorous deal.  Want Me Get Me is a free members only, VIP service for anyone looking to be treated like a movie star on your next vacation.  And who wouldn’t want that?  They offer special deals that you can’t find on other websites for luxury and boutique hotels.  Right now, Want Me Get Me is offering a stay at the 88 room Greenwich Hotel in New York.  Services include free complimentary upgrades, free wifi, and free VIP service.  Go get yourself a membership, and check out their offers for your next excursion.greenwich_hotel-homepage-02 mid_Greenwich

St. Paul Minnesota: Alec Soth Makes Art Books.

18 Feb

Alec Soth, artist and photographer born and based in Minnesota, owns a publishing company called Little Brown Mushroom.  Yesterday, I was at Askov Finlayson waiting for a table at The Bachelor Farmer (a really good new restaurant in Minneapolis) and I came across several books created by Alec Soth and Brad Zellar.  I was intrigued by House of Coates, a book printed on a Postalco notebook.  Brad pieces together a story from the legendary recluse Lester B. Morrison. Working from a handful of encounters and contradictory conversations, a sketchy paper trail and often confounding interviews with individuals who may or may not have been “associates” of Morrison (including Morrison’s former collaborator Alec Soth), Zellar attempts to reconstruct one episode from Morrison’s decidedly episodic life.  The book, along with the upcoming “Three Valleys” (they are currently on a trip in the Valleys of Silicon, San Joaquin, and Death for the fourth edition of The LBM Dispatch) are available at Little Brown Mushroom.

Alec Soth, Brad Zeller, House of CoatesAlec Soth, Brad Zeller, House of Coates 051_hoc_book 025b_hoc_book1 050_hoc_book


“Three-hundred and twenty-nine days,” Janette Sadik-Khan, and Bowery Lane Bicycles

13 Feb

Janette Sadik-Khan, the mother-earth of New York City transit has 329 days left in her position under Mayor Bloomberg.  In her position, she has managed to add miles and miles of bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, bus lanes, and protected bike lanes. New York is a place that was relatively unsafe for bikers just a few years ago, but now has protected lanes all over the five boroughs. Please support the cyclists around the world and join them in the fight to reduce our carbon footprint.  My friends at Bowery Lane Bicycles have been making cute little cruisers down in Chinatown since 2008.  For $695 you can get a handmade bicycle that is stylish, and supports our local cycling economy. Bronks Black Bowery Lane BicyclesBowey Lane Bicycles

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