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Fritz Haeg Edible Estates: Walker Art Center

5 Aug

Fritz Haeg Edible EstatesFritz Haeg is a trained architect, artist, and organic activist whose work spans a range of disciplines and media including gardens, dance, performance, design, installation, ecology and architecture.  He is currently the Walker Art Center’s Artist in Residence.  Edible Estates was a book published in 2005, when Haeg started the project.  He is now on his 15th Edible Estate in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Victory Garden

A Londoner and his wife have sown life-giving vegetables in a London Bomb crater.

Haeg’s idea of the Edible Estate dates back to the Victory Gardens of WWI and WWII.  The idea is to produce your own food, and to collaborate with your neighbors to work sub-urban landscapes into less isolated communities.

Edible Estates Schoenherr Family

Now Fritz Haeg is working with the Schoenherr family of Woodbury Minnesota to transform their blank suburban yard into an Edible Estate.  Mr Haeg, along with several volunteers has been working hard to transform their yard into a food producing installation.

Tearing up the front lawn, a near-sacred symbol of American success and leisure, in favor of tomatoes and beans is still controversial and even illegal in many places. In fact, “The Battlefront in the Front Yard,” a New York Times story published last December, documented a nationwide string of disputes between front-yard gardeners and disapproving neighbors and city officials; some were charged with violating city codes and ordinances.- Walker Art Center





The yard has been transformed from grass to a place for the entire community to come together.  There is a round area for the community to sit and talk, as well as a giant pizza oven and a little library.Plan EE15-IMG_2526Fritz Haeg has also developed an installation in the Walker’s sculpture garden called, Foraging Circle.  Here, you’ll find perennial plants as well as medicinal plantings.  Visit the Foraging Circle today at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.Foraging Circle



St. Paul Minnesota: Alec Soth Makes Art Books.

18 Feb

Alec Soth, artist and photographer born and based in Minnesota, owns a publishing company called Little Brown Mushroom.  Yesterday, I was at Askov Finlayson waiting for a table at The Bachelor Farmer (a really good new restaurant in Minneapolis) and I came across several books created by Alec Soth and Brad Zellar.  I was intrigued by House of Coates, a book printed on a Postalco notebook.  Brad pieces together a story from the legendary recluse Lester B. Morrison. Working from a handful of encounters and contradictory conversations, a sketchy paper trail and often confounding interviews with individuals who may or may not have been “associates” of Morrison (including Morrison’s former collaborator Alec Soth), Zellar attempts to reconstruct one episode from Morrison’s decidedly episodic life.  The book, along with the upcoming “Three Valleys” (they are currently on a trip in the Valleys of Silicon, San Joaquin, and Death for the fourth edition of The LBM Dispatch) are available at Little Brown Mushroom.

Alec Soth, Brad Zeller, House of CoatesAlec Soth, Brad Zeller, House of Coates 051_hoc_book 025b_hoc_book1 050_hoc_book


Ettorre Sottsass knows how to play. And so does RO/LU

4 Feb
Nature Nurture, RoLu, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Furniture Design

Book Shelf designed by ROLU titled, “Nature Nurture.”

Furniture design, Minneapolis, Memphis, Sottsass

Brightly coloured, ROLU Chairs.

I have always been a big fan of Ettorre Sottsass.  When I first came across a Sottsass piece, I was teleported back to the 1980s where i relived my Saturday afternoons watching Pee Wee’s Playhouse.  Ettorre had everything to do with the Memphis movement of the 80s, and is impacting designers to this day.


Ettore Sottsass, 1917-2007

Ettore Sottsass, Design, Italian Design, Milanese

RO/LU is an art and design studio based in Minneapolis.  Created by Matt Olson and Mike Brady, these two seem to further the conversation on Memphis and minimalism.

RoLu, Furniture, Design, Minneapolis, Minimalism, Memphis

RO-LU Product: Porch, for the San Diego Museum of Art.

30 Bucks a Week

Vegetarian, Sustainable, Frugal, DIY