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Jason Rens: West of Memphis

23 Apr
Party Seat

Designed by Jason Rens

Jason Rens joins a new movement of designers who aim to improve, or explore the opportunities of Memphis, the design movement created by Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Nathalie du Pasquier and many others. Sottsass which I have written about before, was the forefather of the Memphis Group the colorful geometric design style of the 80s which died in 1988 when trends changed, and designers began to experiment with other forms.  However, Jason Rens (Portland) along with people like ROLU (Minneapolis), Alma Allen (Joshua Tree) are using some of the shapes and colors of the Memphis Group, but are experimenting with new materials.  Much of the new look is very west coast, with earthy colors and southwestern native prints and raw materials.

Shiva Vase by Ettore Sottsass

Shiva Vase by Ettore Sottsass

Vase Collection by Jason Rens

Knew Vase Collection by Jason Rens

Bookends Jason Rens
Bookends by Jason Rens


Solar Charge: Green Barrel Energy

18 Apr

Green Barrel EnergyIt’s Earth Day on Monday and I recently heard about this start up that is working to create charging stations in public parks in New York.  It’s called Green Barrel Energy, and they’ve developed this handy portable solar-powered charging station for your phone.  This came in very handy during Hurricane Sandy, where they set up a charging station where there was no power on 23rd street.  After power was restored in Manhattan, they sent the stations down to Red Hook, where power was out for quite a bit longer. Green Charge Now, Green Barrel energy has developed a second model which will be launched sometime soon in Bryant Park.

Horace Gifford: Fire Island Architect, New Book

16 Apr

There is a new book, “Fire Island Modernist” that will be released in June about the architect Horace Gifford and his contribution to the homes of Fire Island.

 “Gifford’s serene 1960s pavilions provided refuge from a hostile world, while his exuberant post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS masterpieces orchestrated bacchanals of liberation. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift once spurned Hollywood limos for the rustic charm of Fire Island’s boardwalks. Truman Capote wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s here. Diane von Furstenburg showed off her latest wrap dresses to an audience that included Halston, Giorgio Sant’ Angelo, Calvin Klein and Geoffrey Beene.”

With a foreward by Alistair Gordon and text by Christopher Rawlins, you simply must put this in your must have list, and don’t forget to get yourself a copy.  Horace Gifford is an overlooked major contributor to the modernist movement.  With 70 homes in Fire Island, his contribution cannot go overlooked any more.


Kauth_Fairharbor_001_MichaelWeberKauth_Fairharbor_005_MichaelWeberBurge_122a_Ocean_Exterior_HoraceGifford Wittstein1_Ext2_EdwinWittstein Pilson_Exterior3_HoraceGifford

House of Ladosha: Made in Queens

16 Apr

What’s the tea? House of Ladosha is a team of queens in Queens that create music, events, balls and T-Shirts.  I am really into this Rhianna/Nirvana tee.  Check them out on Soundcloud and scamper over to their website and order a T to wear to the TEA DANCE.  Limited edition shirts are available at VFILES.RIHANNAFROWN Ladosha_T_G Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 3.44.45 PM 422150_10150765299549572_476209280_n jewel_tee_black

Karl Lagerfeld designed plastic shoes for Melissa//Brazil

9 Apr

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.49.48 PMI am mainly posting this for my mother, because she has more shoes in her closet room than most people do.  Karl Lagerfeld has designed some plastic heels for Melissa of Brazil.  These designer collaborations are nothing new for Melissa with past designers including, Jason Wu, Vivienne Westwood, and The Campana Brothers.  Remember jellies? (click here if you want to refer to what they looked like, I wouldn’t dare put them on Popular Offerings).  Karl wouldn’t let you wear jellies.  They come in a variety of flavors and are available at Colette.Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.48.30 PM

California Style: Steven Harrington

9 Apr

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 5.40.07 PM The California based artist Steven Harrington has created a very unique lamp in an edition of 12.  His whimsical, colorful, tribalish work is very Cali, and reminds me of cheerful little hobbit men living in the base of a big redwood tree.  I love the turquoise paint splattered shade, do I sense a DIY project coming on?  The lamp is his first project with wood, and is in collaboration with Case Studyo.Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 5.39.39 PM

Is it ironic to blog about print media? Modern Matter Magazine

9 Apr

Chloetumblr_mk89v62uXM1s5qgvfo1_1280“As cultural commentary suggests that the magazine industry is being usurped by the new age of the digital, Modern Matter magazine seeks to explore the advances of modern technology into the world of the artist, via an analogue medium – namely, that of the printed page.  Modern Matter’s interest lies not just in the newest product or the fastest download, but rather, in the impact which technology has had on the culture of the creative.” -Modern Matter

Issue 4 of Modern Matters magazine is now available for those of you who continue to support printed matter.  The idea behind this magazine, exploring the impact of technology on culture, makes you really want to buy and subscribe to the printed paper.  As everything becomes more and more digital, we will continue to have tactile needs.  Books are better, magazines should be read with your fingers, and we should forget the anxieties of constant updates (@AModernMatter). Modern Matters is the magazine for the person that just wants to sit down and read about something they never knew.  Issue 4, Made in USA, featuring Chloe Sevigny, Maurizio Cattelan, Max Snow, Hedi Slimane and more is now available.

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