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Partners & Spade: Backdated Confidence Trophies

12 Feb

Andy Spade, who is the husband of Kate Spade and brother of David Spade, and also the former owner of Jack Spade has a store on Great Jones Street called Partners & Spade.  While they mainly focus on rebranding for major companies like AOL and JCrew, they also have this fun little store that has little openings with well selected oddities. These trophies are something they always carry, and are sure to boost your confidence.  They are a perfect thing to put on your office bookshelf, or on your mantle.  Unfortunately, they don’t make them in Grammy form (sorry Black Keys).  Customize yours for $75, with priceless amounts of confidence at Partners & Spade.Trophies, Partners and Spade, ShoppingTrophies, Partners and SpadeTrophies, Partners and Spade


Andrew Andrew are so excited right now: New Pocket Mixer

7 Feb

The duo Andrew Andrew are known as the iPad DJs and for dressing up like twins. They were recently featured on the latest episode of “Girls.”  But how do they connect their iPads?  Well, now you can be your own DJ with the palm sized Pokket Mixer.  They are currently available at Tekkies in Brooklyn for $99.POKKETMIXER

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