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Top 5 Beach Essentials for Summer

5 Jun

Whatever you are up to this summer, take some time to relax and enjoy our beautiful world.  Go to the beach, and bring some of this stuff with you.  First, I suggest- if you’re like me, and don’t like to be in direct sunlight you buy a tent for the beach.

Beach TentThis tent is designed by Ginger and Gilligan and is available in a variety of colors for $350.  It takes one person less than two minutes to set up, and features a pop up design.  You’ll have the chic-est hut on the beach.  Also available is the Sombrilla which costs only $180 and also comes in a variety of colors.Sombrilla Beach Tent Moroccan2_large

You will also need a towel or a blanket.  You could be like my friend Alex who will undoubtably have a Hole inspired towel or tank top this summer.Hole Tank  Or, you could be classy and get a Carry All Beach Towel from my friends at Arte Mare.

Arte Mare Carry All TowelYou might also want a bag that unfolds as a carry all tote which is also available on their website.  You’ll also find a fun set of beach paddles!img_2202_1024x1024 img_2209_1024x1024Works on Whatever is a project by the Art Production Fund.  They make these great beach towels– which are huge, and will give you enough room for two.  And it’s a non-profit organization dedicated to creating projects that will reach new audiences and promote art.  This towel is designed by Rirkrit Tiravanija.  There are towels available by Barbara Kruger, Yoko Ono, John Baldessari, and Cecily Brown.  There are also water bottles!

I Am Busy Beach Towel  You’ll definitely need some swim shorts.  Warriors of Radness and Franks’ are both good options, and are available at Opening Ceremony. Franks are on sale! Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.52.44 PMOne thing you really will need is sunblock.  I understand you want to tan your skin, but the sun is just too harsh these days people, it’s not the 90s’ anymore.  Get some Supergoop sunblock, and this natural Aromatic Bug Repellent by Intelligent Nutrients, a new company from the founder of Aveda.  It smells amazing and contains no deet or anything bad for you.  Available at Intelligent Nutrients at ABC Carpet and Home.Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.39.14 PM certified_organic_perfume_spray_1Lastly, bring a real book.  I prefer to bring picturebooks to the beach.  I’ll be bringing along my copy of Tom Bianchi’s Fire Island, which features Polaroids from his visits to Fire Island back in ’75-’89.  The forward is by Edmund White, and the book includes a personal account of what it was like for Tom to arrive in Fire Island.

“I came to see Fire Island as more than a place. In the Pines I found a force that gave birth to and nurtured my gay soul.” Tom BianchiTom Bianchi Fire Island Pines


Karl Lagerfeld designed plastic shoes for Melissa//Brazil

9 Apr

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.49.48 PMI am mainly posting this for my mother, because she has more shoes in her closet room than most people do.  Karl Lagerfeld has designed some plastic heels for Melissa of Brazil.  These designer collaborations are nothing new for Melissa with past designers including, Jason Wu, Vivienne Westwood, and The Campana Brothers.  Remember jellies? (click here if you want to refer to what they looked like, I wouldn’t dare put them on Popular Offerings).  Karl wouldn’t let you wear jellies.  They come in a variety of flavors and are available at Colette.Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.48.30 PM

Is it ironic to blog about print media? Modern Matter Magazine

9 Apr

Chloetumblr_mk89v62uXM1s5qgvfo1_1280“As cultural commentary suggests that the magazine industry is being usurped by the new age of the digital, Modern Matter magazine seeks to explore the advances of modern technology into the world of the artist, via an analogue medium – namely, that of the printed page.  Modern Matter’s interest lies not just in the newest product or the fastest download, but rather, in the impact which technology has had on the culture of the creative.” -Modern Matter

Issue 4 of Modern Matters magazine is now available for those of you who continue to support printed matter.  The idea behind this magazine, exploring the impact of technology on culture, makes you really want to buy and subscribe to the printed paper.  As everything becomes more and more digital, we will continue to have tactile needs.  Books are better, magazines should be read with your fingers, and we should forget the anxieties of constant updates (@AModernMatter). Modern Matters is the magazine for the person that just wants to sit down and read about something they never knew.  Issue 4, Made in USA, featuring Chloe Sevigny, Maurizio Cattelan, Max Snow, Hedi Slimane and more is now available.

Comme Des Garçons: Photographs by Sophie Delaporte

26 Feb

Sophie Delaporte is a fashion photographer living between New York and Paris.  I really love these funny cut out images for Comme Des Garçons new book.  What do you think?Sophie Delaporte Comme Des GarçonsSophie Delaporte Comme Des GarçonSophie Delaporte Comme Des Garçonsophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-4 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-5 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-6 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-8 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-9

Barney’s New York: A Brief History

23 Feb

Barney Pressman opened the first store in 1923 at 17th Street and Seventh Ave. He pawned his wife’s engagement ring for the $500 he needed to lease the space. His philosophy was to offer the lowest possible price for the most popular brands.  He purchased showroom samples, retail overstocks, and manufacturers’ closeouts at auctions and bankruptcy sales.  His son, Fred Pressman took over the company in the 70s, and changed the direction of the company from bargain store, to boutique. barneysmatchad2
band_of_outsiders_hol09_5 4300862781_deba35ef4a_zbarneysmatchad1The Barney’s store on 7th ave now houses the Rubin Museum of Art, but still contains the original spiral staircase.33

New Shoes: Year of the Snake

20 Feb

Red heels designer, Christian Louboutin has released a sneaker collection for the Chinese New Year.  This collection is made of python.  Give a dollar or $1595.00 to Christian Louboutin for good luck.christian-louboutin-year-of-the-snake-collection-2 christian-louboutin-year-of-the-snake-collection-4 christian-louboutin-year-of-the-snake-collection-6 christian-louboutin-year-of-the-snake-collection-5 christian-louboutin-year-of-the-snake-collection-3

Design Inspiration: Karl Lagerfeld shoots Cassina.

15 Feb

Designer and fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld was invited by Cassina the famed Italian design casa to photograph 30 different furniture pieces from their collection. Lagerfeld chose works by Le Corbusier, Albini and Gio Ponti.  His editorial eye truly makes the furniture pop.karl lagerfeld, cassina karl lagerfeld, cassina

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