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Retail Design: Studio MatterMade

27 Feb

Matter is a design shop in Manhattan (formerly in Brooklyn) that features beautiful furniture and objects that MatterMade has created and selected. This time around, they have designed some unique pop-up retail structures for Capsule the Men’s trade show.  The simple machined benches are designed by Jonah Takagi.MatterMade MatterMade MatterMade


Recession Art: Rooms To Let, Columbus Ohio

26 Feb

Rooms to Let is an organizer of temporary exhibitions in abandoned buildings in Columbus, Ohio.  They take proposals from artists and find empty homes to set up the exhibitions.  I absolutely love this concept, and spent many hours thinking and writing about it in Graduate School at Pratt.  My thesis was called “Temporary Museum,” with the concept of using abandoned spaces, or vacant retail to mount exhibitions proposed by artists.  This concept has never been more important as museums and art institutions continue to lose money and spread their budgets thin.  The other great thing about this concept is that it brings art to areas that may not have galleries or museums.  Check out the upcoming exhibitions they have planned, and if you’re an artist, propose something.Rooms-to-let-art-gallery-abandoned-house-exterior-art Rooms-to-let-art-gallery-abandoned-house 1400x720-LvUx38ALeh4xsr8W  My good friend and artist Mirelle Zacharias (see article) had artists take over her house in Minneapolis before the bank foreclosed the property and knocked it down. “I would like people to come in and be immersed in sort of an experience within a home, and it is a foreclosed home, and find different ideas happening,” -Mirelle Zacharias.Mirelle Zacharias House 44929_440365189406_4644583_n

Victoria & Albert Presents: “David Bowie is”

26 Feb

A new exhibition of David Bowie ephemera and personal items will open at the Victoria & Albert museum, in London on March 23rd.  The exhibit will run through August 11th. “David Bowie is” will explore the creative processes of Bowie as a musical innovator and cultural icon, tracing his shifting style and sustained reinvention across five decades. The V&A’s Theatre and Performance curators, Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh have selected more than 300 objects that will be brought together for the very first time. They include handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs, Bowie’s own instruments and album artwork.bowie_stripped_bodysuit bowie_burroughs bowie_photo_collage bowie_earthling_album.480 bowie_self_portrait bowie_aladin_sane_1000px

Design Openings: R20th Presents

26 Feb

The design gallery, R20th Century will have two new shows opening March 5th.  “Contemporary Korean 2” features the work of four of Korea’s top contemporary designers: Hun Chung Lee, Bae Sehwa, Zong Sun Bahk, Myung Sun Kang and Byung Hoon Choi.R20th Century GalleryThey are also opening an exhibition of “Christian Wassmann: 5 Platonic Objects” Christian Wassmann is a New York-based architect and designer. The exhibition will feature objects, furniture and drawings inspired by five unique geometric forms, the platonic solids.exhibition_detail-1 Wassmann_21-368

Comme Des Garçons: Photographs by Sophie Delaporte

26 Feb

Sophie Delaporte is a fashion photographer living between New York and Paris.  I really love these funny cut out images for Comme Des Garçons new book.  What do you think?Sophie Delaporte Comme Des GarçonsSophie Delaporte Comme Des GarçonSophie Delaporte Comme Des Garçonsophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-4 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-5 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-6 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-8 sophie-delaporte-comme-des-garcons-idomenee-9

Dutch Artist Parra: Makes Hats

25 Feb

Rockewell By ParraThe Dutch artist Parra, creates post-pop images that are curvy, vibrant and surreal. Parra is cofounder of the Rockwell Clothing line, and has created this new hat for them. You can order one today for $32 from their website.a-shoe-400x566 money1

Barney’s New York: A Brief History

23 Feb

Barney Pressman opened the first store in 1923 at 17th Street and Seventh Ave. He pawned his wife’s engagement ring for the $500 he needed to lease the space. His philosophy was to offer the lowest possible price for the most popular brands.  He purchased showroom samples, retail overstocks, and manufacturers’ closeouts at auctions and bankruptcy sales.  His son, Fred Pressman took over the company in the 70s, and changed the direction of the company from bargain store, to boutique. barneysmatchad2
band_of_outsiders_hol09_5 4300862781_deba35ef4a_zbarneysmatchad1The Barney’s store on 7th ave now houses the Rubin Museum of Art, but still contains the original spiral staircase.33

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